Our Ecosystem

Our extended network features a variety of blockchain, cloud computing, and Web3 solutions.

Monetization Applications

Hardware is idle 50% of the time. Consumers currently do not have any monetization opportunities for this. Monetization Applications are a means to utilise idle hardware for a range of benefits.

How can Cudo’s monetization applications help you?

Cudo’s monetization applications are designed to benefit consumers, developers and IT owners by reducing the costs of cloud computing through utilizing existing hardware. This sharing economy model distributes the revenues from services such as AI or video rendering directly to the IT asset owner without compromising security or performance, providing new revenue streams, whilst also minimising the impact to our environment.

CUDO technologies

Our solution stack aims to redefine the economics of computing. Our goal is to provide cost-efficient ways of monetising underutilised computing hardware while furthering sustainability and social impact initiatives.


Reduce cloud costs by up to 10x


Monetise underutilised laptops, PCs, graphics cards and servers


Hit social impact targets by donating your compute for good causes


Increase spend back within your ecosystem with white label services

Build your DApp and we’ll drive the demand

Cudo’s Mining Platform is a crypto mining application that allows automated crypto mining, reducing manual configuration and intervention by up to 95% without losing profitability or control for the user.
The solution is fully automated and optimised for both profit and performance based on a multi-mining Windows, Linux or ISO build suitable for all levels of experience for GPU rig miners.

Cudo Miner

Your decentralised cloud computing network.

Cudos unites cloud and blockchain. We use spare computing to create a decentralised, sustainable, and connected world.


With an abundance of underutilised processing power, storage and bandwidth, we enter a new revolution in computing; bringing computing back to the edge.

Cudo Compute provides a marketplace for blockchain computation, enabling any business or individual to monetise or consume IT resource for workloads such as rendering, scientific research, data analysis and cryptocurrency mining. The platform is ideal for parallel, scale out and batch-based processing.

By securely connecting the buyers project with the sellers IT equipment in a truly elastic way, ensures both parties benefit financially.

Cudo Compute

The world’s first marketplace for hashrate collectibles. CUDOS Markets, sustainable Bitcoin mining in your wallet. Hashrate collectibles reward owners with Bitcoin from sustainable data centres, allowing you to take part in the world of mining with peace of mind.

CUDOS Markets

Technology Evolution – Why now

Cudo’s monetization applications are possible due to advances in many areas of technology. The abundance of bandwidth, physical and application level encryption, borderless payment systems for low cost microtransactions and blockchain technology removing centralised dependencies.

Cudo’s monetization applications enable owners of IT equipment to monetize their spare capacity by connecting their equipment to consumers of blockchain computing services.