Investor Relations

Cudo is the leading provider of monetization applications for users around the globe. Every day, our platforms deliver value to our users that boost revenues, increase margins and enable rapid responses to changing market dynamics and volatility.

The problem

With over 50% of the world’s computing hardware being idle at this very moment, potential is wasted every moment to use this hardware for good.

Our solution

Cudo develops software that provides access to disruptive technologies to monetise hardware.

Ensuring sustainability

It reduces the impact of computing by offsetting the carbon used by its own mining infrastructure and the Cudo business by investing in carbon credits.

What makes us different?

We unite a powerful technology, supported by the vision and efforts of a determined values-driven team, with a commitment to sustainability and positive social impact. Our extended partner ecosystem and active community help us co-create and deliver ethical solutions that benefit users and society at large.

Development Expertise

Cudo has an expert team of developers with deep understanding of monetization platforms, ethical innovation and distributed computing. Our developers have all had proven success in delivering world-class applications as well as software in order to meet the demands and needs of users.


Cudo understands the complexity of new technologies and that early adopters are often technically savvy and represent only a fraction of the global market. For true mass adoption, applications have to be as easy to use as a smartphone. That’s why we build in as much automation as possible, saving time and cost whilst also making disruptive technologies accessible to all.

Creating Stability in Volatility

Digital Monetization Applications have always, and will always carry higher volatility, Cudo has designed its applications to combat this volatility and create as much stability as possible for its users by automating decisions, and, in the future, introducing Cudo Compute, a new and stable way of generating revenue.

The highest profitability in the industry with superior automation

Cudo’s ‘Profit Engine’ code ensures users always receive and execute the most profitable workload available for their hardware. By monitoring multiple variables including market value, workload type and hardware specification, the IT asset owner can be assured of achieving the maximum return at any given time.

Accelerated time to value

Cudo Monetization Applications support users in reaching value 20% faster than any other monetization platform on the market. Our ‘plug and play’ solution is suitable for the most novice user to the most experienced. We are passionate about our users remaining profitable.

The future is
collaborative consumption

Cudo delivers key monetization platforms to users, providing automated value that is reliable and optimized to every user and organisation according to their needs.

The solutions have an immediate positive impact to users’ bottom line, namely revenue and profit. Furthermore, they are automating operational processes, ultimately improving productivity and creating higher profitability in a short period of time.