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About Us

Our Eco-System

Cudo is the global leader in providing monetization applications for users around the world.

Every day, our platforms deliver value to our users that boost revenues, increase margins and enable rapid responses to changing market dynamics and volatility.

With an abundance of underutilised processing power, storage and bandwidth, we enter a new revolution in computing; bringing computing back to the edge and saving consumers up to 10x.

Cudo Compute

Cudo’s Mining Platform is a crypto mining application that allows automated crypto mining, reducing manual configuration and intervention by up to 95% without losing profitability or control for the user.

Cudo Miner

Your decentralised cloud computing network. Cudos unites cloud and blockchain. We use spare computing to create a decentralised, sustainable, and connected world.


Our Stats

Beyond creating value for the businesses and organisations we serve, at Cudo, we aim to positively impact the planet and communities. Our monetisation applications benefit consumers, developers and IT owners by reducing the costs of cloud computing through utilising existing hardware. Furthermore, we give them the option to donate part of their idle computing power to a charity of choice.


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The pace and progress of Cudo is incredible and we are impressed by Cudo’s team and model. As a cloud operator providing HPC services we were pleased to deploy a large new infrastructure investment in support of load from the Cudo compute environment. As part of this we rapidly deployed Cudo customised software and have found the development and support team to be knowledgeable and responsive.

Andy Long

Strategy Advisor for Hydro 66

With the upcoming launch of Ultra, we selected Cudo as our technology partner for our distributed computing application, integrated into our gaming platform, it provides gamers Worldwide with a way to earn additional UOS that can be redeemed and used within the Ultra ecosystem, for purchasing games, virtual items, gaming hardware, … Cudo understood from day 1, that adding further value to our network of gamers is intrinsically important to Ultra’s success and they have always led development with that in mind…

Nicolas Gilot

CEO of Ultra

We immediately saw the value Cudo’s platform would bring to our network of investors, eager to find new and innovative ways of generating revenue. Cudo has positioned themselves to disrupt the status quo, at the same time as connecting traditional and blockchain consumers through a single, scalable and distributed platform…

Chris Starkey

Co-Founder of NexGen Cloud

Carbon Neutral

We want our technology to be both sustainable and a solution. That’s why we’re proud to be 100% carbon neutral.

Cudo is not only producing innovative software that makes mining cryptocurrency easy and safe for everybody, but we’re committed to doing so with a clean environmental conscience.

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