Harnessing Unused Computer Power for Fundraising

Many of us own and run computers that are capable of so much more than we use them for. Much of the time our powerful computer is idling while we perform mundane tasks. Or it is doing nothing while we are away from our desks.

Think of all the millions of computers all over the world – how much potential computing power is going unused?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could harness all this unused power to earn money for good causes and charities?

Software That Changes Lives

Cudo Donate is software that harnesses your unused computer processing power to make money for charities and good causes. It operates quietly in the background as you go about your daily business.

Cudo Donate fades into the background as you work. Then when you are away from your desk (or using very little processing power), Cudo Donate quietly comes to life – and turns unused computer power into money for great causes.

Turning Pennies into Pounds for Good Causes

Computer processors use very little electricity. The Cudo Donate software uses just a tiny amount of additional electricity – in most cases, just a few pennies a day.

These few pennies invested in extra electricity create many pounds of revenue for good causes every single month. It’s a simple, yet incredibly powerful idea. Computers in every home, office, town, city and country all working together to do great things – automatically – at every available opportunity.

Guaranteed Carbon Neutral Technology

Cudo Donate is committed to operating a carbon-neutral business model. So it’s vital that every unit of electricity used is turned into carbon credits which over-compensate for any resources used. A percentage of our revenue is re-invested in carbon credits and projects that improve the environment. Anything left over is put back into the charity pool and donated to our listed charities.

A New Model for Donating to Good Causes

Cudo Donate offers charity supporters a new way to raise funds. In addition to donating money, time or specific resources (such as food or clothing), charity supporters can now contribute their unused computing power. It’s a low-cost / high-return way to for individuals and businesses to make a big difference – with minimal impact on household or corporate budgets.

A New Opportunity for Charities

Charities can embrace a new era of technology and opportunity through Cudo Donate. This model is a way to supplement or even replace the traditional forms of fundraising and donor acquisition in a far more efficient way. If a home computer can raise £1-20 a month, what might this mean for a charity? For every hundred supporters who install the software, the charity stands to receive £100 to £2,000 per month – every month.

How to Deploy The Cudo Donate Miner

On your computer

The most powerful way to deploy Cudo Donate is to download the software to your computer. You can configure how and when it works.

On a website

The second way to deploy Cudo Donate is on a website or blog. Your website visitors can elect to use the software for fundraising while browsing your content.