We want our technology to be both sustainable and a solution. That’s why we’re proud to be 100% carbon neutral.
Cudo is not only producing innovative software that makes mining cryptocurrency easy and safe for everybody, but we’re committed to doing so with a clean environmental conscience.

We are the first company in the cryptocurrency mining space to commit to carbon neutrality.

We believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency are technologies with an incredible future. That’s why it’s important to evaluate and understand the possible impact that this could have on the environment now.
While these technologies offer great possibilities, blockchain networks are supported via mining or Proof of Work (POW) technologies which can have a seriously negative effect on the environment. While other solutions are being tested – such as Proof of Stake (POS) – cryptocurrency mining is here to stay, so we want to do something about that now.

Making Mining Sustainable

Our Company and our products off-set all our carbon energy use by investing in carbon credits, which directly support projects generating active carbon reductions. These projects are only made possible by the funds from this practice.
This approach led us to launch the world’s first carbon neutral mining product, with the aim of making mining a sustainable activity.
To that end, we hope to inspire the rest of the industry, ensuring that the revolution of cryptocurrency, blockchain and mining does more good than harm.

Our dedication to carbon offsetting allows us to achieve measurable and permanent results.

We have chosen to support two specific programmes through our purchase of carbon credits – the India Solar Power and India Wind Power projects.
Both schemes will generate renewable energy through our carbon offsets.
Carbon emissions do not respect international borders; as the CO2 enters the atmosphere, it spreads out.
1 tonne of CO2 emission savings in India is the same as 1 tonne of CO2 savings on our home turf. In fact, the contributions can go even further; generating additional employment opportunities, reducing the demand/supply gap and demonstrating sustainable technology in the region.
We can see tangible results of our carbon-offsetting as the project develops and we are optimistic that the benefits will be felt for generations to come.

We can assist with your company’s corporate social responsibility and environmental social governance.

If you choose to install Cudo software, you are benefitting from our unique innovation in more ways than one.
The cryptocurrency you mine will directly correlate to energy use, which we will measure and match to its own weight in carbon credits. This is a transparent process which you are welcome to use as part of your company’s own CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reporting.

Calculating our energy use.

As such, we walk the talk and ensure that we are consistently working with carbon emissions of net zero. This includes the energy consumed when using our software on your own computers.
To do this, we calculate the amount of energy being used by your device.
First, we make an accurate calculation of the device’s output, based on the hardware type or wattage; otherwise, we make an estimate based on the performance of the hardware. We can then ascertain the difference in energy consumption, between idling and mining. This allows us to see how many hours a day the hardware is actively mining and calculate the sum where carbon off-setting is required.
We then invest in the equivalent value of carbon credits; a proven, permanent and measured example of responsible energy consumption.