Billions of dollars of hardware remain underutilized…

…which is creating a barrier to a cleaner and more equitable world. Cudo aims to achieve a better outcome for both communities, and the organizations within them.

About Cudo Ventures

Cudo is the global leader in providing monetization applications for users around the world. Every day, our platforms deliver value to our users that boost revenues, increase margins and enable rapid responses to changing market dynamics and volatility.

Our Mission & Vision

Our ambition is to redefine the economics of computing.

We are the leading provider of monetization applications, enabling users to take a transformative approach to their hardware by adopting an automated monetization approach.
We aim to help our users realize how monetization applications and collaborative consumption platforms are the technology that will be both profitable and provide a competitive advantage. Users and organisations alike recognize us as a thought and technology leader driving this change.
Our vision is to transform how we use billions of dollars in tech assets that remain underutilised to create a cleaner, cheaper and a more equitable world.

Our Story


Distributed compute testnet

Game publisher white label integration

Cudo Donate revamped GUI


Cudo Compute (consumer) and Cudo Miner (resource) support first distributed compute service for rendering

Work begins on Cudo Compute marketplace development


Cudo Compute marketplace goes live connecting consumers to IT resource for multiple services including rendering, AI and imaging

We look forward and move forward with Visionary Innovation that is always Delivered Ethically.

Cudo Ventures is a team of business leaders and developers who came together to live the mission of creating tech for good. We firmly believe that the sharing economy, or collaborative consumption is going to transform the way we utilise our hardware. Over 50% of the world’s PCs, Laptops and Mobile Phones are idle at this very moment. This means that billions of dollars of hardware could be utilised, for good.

What We Do

At our core, we provide applications for users to monetize their hardware either to create a new revenue stream, or, to donate to a good cause.

How We Do It

Our development process always starts with answering a simple question: Is this good for the environment and is this good for society? Once we have held ourselves to account and discovered the impact of the technology, we begin developing it.

50% of hardware around the world is currently standing idle. At the same time we have a plethora of computational puzzles in need of being solved, such as the processing of digital currency.

Creating a super computer in the cloud by aggregating the processing power of all the connected computers, the Cudo application can be used as a resource to solve those, and many other, computational problems.

The Cudo platform harnesses spare computing power, not only for monetization, but also for good.

Cudo’s technology is not only intuitive and easy to use, but is also green, calculating any additional electricity being used and balancing this with carbon credits, funding projects to protect the environment.

Our Promise to Communities

Cudo set out to help people and businesses by creating a fairer and more equitable world by a collaborative consumption model in the way we use our hardware. We believe that the way revenue is currently distributed only supports organisations. In the same way that Uber and Airbnb created a more equitable peer to peer model, we’re on a journey to provide people with a way to benefit from their hardware. Your computer has more value than you think it does.

Cudo Ventures designs and develops software that provides access to disruptive new technologies to monetise end-user hardware. It reduces the impact of computing by offsetting the carbon used by its own mining infrastructure and the Cudo business by investing in
carbon credits.

The Team

Matt Hawkins

Nuno Pereira

Pete Hill

Andrew Sturmey

Ian Woodgate

Luke Gniwecki

Bianca Huttner

Peter Willis

Richard Poole

Mia Whitewood

Victor Leach

Joe White

Sean Berry

Beb Nasseri

Ashley Smith

Joan Garcia i Tormo

Noah Stride


Maggie Fang

Jonas Sevel Karlberg

Josh Riddett

Duncan Cook

Philip Forte

Tyler Wellener

Dr. Jeppe Stokholm

Olena Clayton

Chris Gale

Malcolm Tuck

Craig Fletcher